Our tournament has been in existence since 1989. It all started out with a group of us from the King’s Rook Club. We all thought we were better than one another at bowling. One night John Lytle stopped in at the Rook and heard us all bragging about how good we are at bowling and invited us to bowl off at Eastway lanes. So we decided we would have some fun and make it a handicap tournament. We also decided we could charge a little extra and give whatever we could to the top scores, and they would have the opportunity to donate that money to their choice of a children’s charity. We had 123 adult guys and girls compete in this great sport of bowling. We also had a spaghetti dinner that was cooked up for us by Brenda Moore and we joined up at the Kings Rook Club for the banquet and announcements. 5 sponsors donated sponsor fees, door prizes and give-a-ways. Our first year we collected $481.00 for 2 different Children’s Charities, and had $276.00 given away in prize money. After the 1st year we decided that no more prize money would be given away and all money raised would be donated to the top bowler’s charity choice. We started to name the tournament each year using a name from the bowler who came up with the best name, and they would have money donated to their charity. We did that for 12 years.

We are now over 30 years and still going.

We understand the needs families have with their childrens abilities, and we want to try to help them with the money we raise.

CCABT Awards

In 2006- We were the Recipient of the 2006 National Philanthropy Fund-Raising Award( N.W Pa. Chapter)

Thanks to Debbie and Doug Richardson, and all those who voted for us.

In 2007- We were the Recipient of the 2006-2007 Certificate of Merit for Community Crime Prevention. Presented on Dec 7, 2007 from the Crime Victim Center.                                                Thanks to all of the Board of Directors at the C.V.C.

2022 – Rick Makowski was inducted into the NWPA USBC Hall of Fame!!!

Here is the list of the bowler who placed 1st over the years. The (*) by the name means that person has participated in all years to date along with Sue Swoger, Nancy & Karen from Eastway Lanes and Rick Makowski. They are all known as the “ORIGINALS”

1989Susan Makowski764Kings Rook "Rock-N-Roll" 1st Annual04/9/89123$481.00$481.00
1990Rodney Widdowson765"Rock-N-Bowl" 2nd Annual04/22/90163$1,349.00$1,830.00
1991Kirk Werner764"Bowl For A Goal" 3rd Annual4/4/91189$2,125.00$3,995.00
1992Preston Brida754"Keggling For Kids" 4th Annual3/15/92199$2,330.00$6,285.00
1993Martin Quinn-Tie-Lisa Madara736"Strike The Wood" 5th Annual3/21/93194$2,627.00$8,912.00
1994Bill Ostrum707"Candy Striper" 6th Annual3/20/94184$3,013.00$11,925.00
1995Jacque Orzechowski*796"Wood-Be-Bowlers" 7th Annual4/9/95199$3,772.00$15,697.00
1996Dean Jacobs739"Lace-Em Up" 8th Annual3/17/96204$4,478.00$20,175.00
1997Colleen Jennings766"Leather" Be Strikes 9th Annual3/23/97222$5,020.00$25,195.00
1998Bill Ostrum726"Tin-th" 10th Annual3/22/98178$5,170.00$30,365.00
1999Tim Orzechowski*763"Steel a Strike" 11th Annual4/11/99193$5,533.00$35,898.00
2000Mike Guerriero767"Pearls of the Earth" 12th Annual4/30/00227$5,803.00$41,701.00
2001Bob Hayes77013th Annual3/25/01251$9,641.00$51,342.00
2002Rich Fabin75814th Annual3/24/02286$11,525.00$62,867.00
2003Lisa Stroup73715th Annual3/30/03352$13,481.00$76,348.00
2004Marlene Barczynski74116th Annual3/28/04355$14,788.00$91,136.00
2005Bill Schroth77717th Annual3/20/05368$18,336.00$109,472.00
2006Mike Potts76718th Annual3/26/06402$22,346.00$131,818.00
2007Carol Niedzwiecki79019th Annual3/25/07406$22,765.00$154,583.00
2008Don Sandison74120th Annual3/30/08407$25,679.00$180,262.00
2009Larry Hoganson85021st Annual3/29/09397$24,978.00$205,240.00
2010Matt Passalinqua79422nd Annual3/28/10387$27,023.00$232,263.00
2011Rick Eggleston82323rd Annual3/27/11395$24,438.00$256,701.00
2012Mark Hooks77624th Annual03/25/12376$23,266.00$279,967.00
2013Bill Zinz77225th Annual3/24/13405$29,167.00$309,134.00
2014Brian Carney78826th Annual3/23/14404$30,052.00$339,186.00
2015Brandon Mlakar77127th Annual3/29/15407$33,909.00$373,095.00
2016Geoff Bach77728th Annual4/3/16401$31,209.00$404,304.00
2017Gary Kyle80229th Annual3/27/17402$28,075.00$432,379.00
2018Tracy Lee80230th Annual3/25/18406$42,934.00$475,313.00
2019Jeff Colman82131st Annual3/31/19412$39,805.00$515,118.00
2020Year of COVID-19N/A32nd Annual3/29/20407$15,225.00$530,343.00
2021Paul Markham
Jeremy Orzechowski
33rd Annual4/25/21333$18,014.00$548,357.00
2022Mike Kyle78234th Annual03/27/2022384$42,603.00$590,960.00
2023Chris Mnuzowski
Jeff Matts
79535th Annual03-26-2023386$45,646.00$636,606.00
2024Jeff Matts75736th Annual03-24-2024390$45,889.00$682,198.00